Let's check out some good sellers to buy adenium seeds & seedlings:

List of Good Adenium Seed Sellers

Extravagant adenium | Source

See our review of Mr Ko adenium seeds here:

Mr. Ko Adenium Seeds Review: Good or Bad?
Recently, we have just bought some adenium seeds from Mr. Ko, a seller from Taiwan. You may be checking out this seller and considering whether he is a trustworthy vendor or not. Let us share with you the insights from our very own experience. Getting the seeds Buying the seeds is pretty straightfo…

If You Want Adenium Seedlings, Try:

Before buying seeds from some place, please be informed:

Blue Adenium Desert Rose Flowers: Real or Scam?
When shopping for adenium seeds, you may have seen those pictures of beautiful blue adenium flowers and may have been tempted to get some yourself. Before doing so, we and many more experienced gardeners than us need to let you know that: blue desert rose flowers don’t exist outside of the Photosh…

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