We make it a policy to collect as little user information as possible. This is to make sure visitors are comfortable browsing around the site without us or any third parties intruding their privacy–while still keeping spam away for the overall community.

Here is what you should be informed of:

When you leave a comment

In the Commento box, when creating your comment profile, you will be asked for your:

  • Email
  • Real Name
  • Website (Optional)
  • Password

The information you enter is stored on Commento's database. We don't have access to it. They are a privacy-focused platform with transparent privacy policy that:

has not, does not, and will not gather your personal information to sell  to advertisers, third-party trackers, or other organizations.

When you subscribe to our newsletter

We use Email Octopus to collect email addresses and send out our newsletters. This is a strict platform with manual human reviews for every site application.

After being verified and approved, we are glad integrate them into our environment to ensure a fun, safe community for all.