Welcome to Zenyr Garden! It's great to have you here!

Zenyr Garden (born September 2019) is a peaceful garden that has been created to help passerby understand a bit more about themselves, find answers to the questions they are having, and appreciate the beautiful nature of the things around us.

Here, we will talk about topics like:

  • Self development
  • Philosophy
  • Spirituality
  • Gardening
  • Martial arts
  • Lifestyling
  • And many more

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Put another more scientific way, ZG can be seen as an information portal / blog. We do practice the things that we talk about here. Or at least find someone who does. We always give back or at least find a way to give back.

In all of the posts, we try to give you the most accurate, concise, and highest quality content there is available. Our YouTube channel has informative & fun-to-watch videos that help get the content out to everyone, including the hearing-impaired or visually-impaired viewers.

It is the same information that we teach ourselves everyday and the loved ones around us. You can use it as a reference to refer back to when it comes in handy. If you think some parts need improvement, we always welcome & appreciate feedback.

We hope that this everyday experience can benefit you and your life in some ways. May the garden be a place that you visit when you need some relaxing moments after work, or perhaps you are just feeling like a nice cup of tea (or coffee) for the soul.

Thanks & all the best,


We're hosting the site on netcup, a hosting provider that uses 100% green renewable energy.

After a lil over 2 years, our goals remain the same:

  • We want the best for our audience
  • How can we give $100 of value today to our audience (inspired by Miles Beckler)
  • Keep this sustainable and always enjoyable


Disappear ourselves in the post. So we don't get into the way of readers' enjoying.

Whenever we lose track or head off to the wrong direction, we come back here to remind ourselves of why we started this whole thing in the first place.

Always remember: 5-star niceness treatment to everyday situation, with people, with our communication, but still fun / funny if possible in the appropriate situation, easy-going and open. (+ a layer of honesty underneath + clean & clear thoughts/intentions). For more chances to sprout up, open in the future.

Keep going.

(apologies 😢😭 to a forgotten thought. Fly away go bless you 💗)

People help paint and make the garden even better.

Grow character not grow ego.

Integrity!!! for self and others!

Words to heal! Good posts never underwhelm or overwhelm people (never provoke feelings of insecure or intimidating)

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