Hydrolyzing live red worms with IMO is a great way to add nutrients back to your soil organically. It also has good benefits in hydroponics.

Let's see how. We'll be making a large batch today so here are the ingredients we'll need:


  • 30-35 kg live red worms
  • 5L IMO (EM is also okay)
  • 15 kg molasses
  • 15 kg powered soybean
  • 100-120L water
  • Additional bananas, potatoes, pineapples

Also prepare a 100-120L or 50-gallon drum to hold the ingredients.

Step 1: Activating the Microbes

To activate the microbes (in the IMO solution), inside the drum put in the water, molasses, powdered soybean, additional fruits and veggies then the IMO. Stir them well.

Let this sit for 15-24 hours for the microbes to wake up and multiply. Remember to put on the lid so houseflies or mosquitoes won't lay eggs inside.

After this is done, we can add our live worms in:

Step 2: Adding the Worms In

After about a day when the microbes are now active and alive, we can add the worms in. If the water level is not quite there yet, you can add in some more water.

Be sure to leave some headspace in the drum so it doesn't spill over.


Then close the lid. You can make a hole and hook a tube in it so it has a way out and doesn't spill everywhere.

Close lid with hole and tube

And finally:

Step 3: Let It Ferment for 30-40 Days

Let the mixture ferment for 30-40 days. When the mixture is done, you can take some for spraying on the foliage or fertilizing the base of the plants.

For foliage spraying, you can mix in 1L per 200L water. For fertilizing the base, you can use 2-3L per 200L water.

It will help provide plants with some good amino acids. And give the plants strength to fight against some bad fungi.

Another Way to Recharge Old Potting Soil Is

Using GE, or garbage enzyme. This solution below will add potassium to the soil, especially when it's reaching the flowering stage.

Using these organically made mixtures, a grower needs not replace her expired soil in 6-12 months. It's also easy to do and safe on plants.

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To add nitrogen, you can also use fish nitrogen sprayer:

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