Innovating from the traditional method of pruning desert roses, growers have experimented with another way to get even more flowers & branches. Without the cuttings and without the ugly scars.

This fun method is called wiring. It may be practiced more frequently by bonsai experts. Join us now & let's see if it actually works.

Wiring The Branches Down

The basic idea is that you use wires to bend the branches of the desert roses downward. Without breaking the branch of course. You can see an example right here:


Why Bending Downward?

When we wire the branches down, the nutrient transportation on the underside of the branch gets blocked out a bit more than usual.

Because of this sort of congestion & imbalance, the nutrients have to look for more ways out to even things out.

The good bits then will outflow to the little eyes on the upper-side of the branch. New branches will then shoot out from the outlets with little leaves & flowers.

The results

It takes a little more than 2 weeks to see the young, new sprouts flowing out from the branches.

Have a look at the before:

Wiring done on Nov 2

And about 2 weeks after (Nov 20), we can see new young leaves developing. Compared to the pruning method, wiring does seem to give a little push & makes the young leaves a bit larger.

New leaves shooting out

The Advantage

The good thing about this method, compared to pruning desert roses, is that it doesn't leave ugly scars on the branches. Also, you can more creatively design the structure that suits your eye of beauty best.

As for sprouting time, it's about the same with pruning. When the flowers bloom, you'll get a super dense canopy. This is the young sprout after 2 weeks of pruning. It's comparatively smaller than the other tree we saw.

New sprouts using pruning method

Give it a try

All it takes is some wires & a little bit of patience. Credit goes to Hang Le for sharing her idea. If you like it, give it a try. We'd love to hear how it turns out for you! Until next time, cheers.

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