A grower shares that the less care they give their soursop tree, the better it seems to grow on its own. Soursop, or guanabana trees don't do too well in cold climates. People usually graft them although starting from seeds is possible. You can grow soursop in pots like 3-gallon pots and they can get up to 26ft (8 m) high.

How Do I Get My Soursop Tree To Bear Fruit?

To get soursop tree to bear fruit, you could try an unusual trick of hitting some nails crossing into the trunk of the tree. Counter-intuitive as it may sound, this puts the tree into sort of an emergency mode. It will fight for its survival. For the first 3 years of hitting the nails the tree grows normally. And in the 4th year, it goes like crazy and produces lots of fruits.

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