To increase the production of paddy straw mushroom, you can remember a few key points:

#1. The Soil

If you're growing the paddy straw mushroom on the ground outdoors, make sure the soil is good for them.

Avoid acidic/acid sulfate and salty soils because these soils give low production. Be sure there is no pesticide or petrol residue deep inside the ground as mushroom won't grow well on these.

#2. The Substrate

For best production, ideally choose a substrate that has a balanced Carbon and Nitrogen (50/50) composition. Materials with fiber (cellulose) are also suitable.

Although straw may not have the ideal C/N balance, people have used it as a substrate with good success.

Cotton waste and sugar cane waste have also shown good results. Coco fiber, sawdust and dried banana leaves have not been highly successful though.

Dried hyacinth is also a good option.

#3. The Water

Avoid using highly salty or acidic water. In highly acidic water, the mycelium of Volvariella Volvacae (the scientific name of this shroom) won't grow well. It develops few and the mushroom cap may also get deformed.

Likewise, in highly salty water, the mycelium grows few and slow. In some cases, it changes color and becomes deformed.

The best water source for paddy straw mushroom is fresh water. You could use well water or rain water. River water, paddy field water or pond water is okay if you are sure there is no contamination in them.

Misting the water is better because it avoids damaging any young developing pin heads. Keep the humidity around 80% and your shrooms will be happy.

>> Small note: People have also mixed in Yakult (a drinking yogurt) with ice cold water to spray the shroom. They have seen some good results with the production.

How to grow lots of mushrooms using "YAKULT"

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