Starting your own desert roses from seeds can be fun & exciting. There are, however, many ways to get it wrong–especially if you're new. It's no better way to learn than actually get your hands dirty & just get to it.

Come join us. Let's have some fun right now.

Must Keep In Mind

When you grow your own baby adenium trees from seeds, remember these things:

  • Not too much water
  • Not too much sun
  • Not too much food
  • No touching / squeezing
  • No transfers or re-pottings

Our Own Mistakes

Oh my. The above are the mistakes that we made & learned along the way–at the costs of some "sacrificial" lovely desert rose plants. Still painful to look at.

Rest in peace my baby desert roses

You don't want to overwater them because the tiny roots can't take in too much water at this point. It might lead to root rot if we're not careful.

Definitely don't put them under full sun or high-temperature areas yet. The leaves will get burned, especially if there are water droplets on them.

It will like some dark greenish-gray spot spreading out from the tip slowly spreading to all the leaf body. Then, the leaves will turn bronze/yellow & die off. Have have a look here:

Sunburned & over-watered leaves

These are the early signs of your young plants getting sunburned & over-watered. Help them immediately.

Here are the adenium seedlings that have been 'cooked' by the sun. It gives off a strong smell of steamed veggies:

Overheated desert rose seedlings

So you see, not too much sun or too high temperature for the seeds right now. Remember, no fertilizer at this point as well. Too much nutrients will burn or fry your baby plants.

We know these baby plants look so cute. But try not to be tempted by their adorable stem & touch or squeeze them.

We couldn't resist the temptation & touched the little body, ugh (very gently as we remembered). It died off. Now we make a clear cover with some holes above the young plants to keep our fidgeting hands away from our babies.

At this point, it's better not do any transfers or re-pottings. The roots are too young to experience any big shocks. Choose a pot or tray & just leaves your babies in there for a while. They will be thankful for that.

What's A Good Way to Start Adenium Seeds Then?

1. Soak seeds in water

Before sowing, soak your seeds in water for 2-4 hours or 24 hours. This helps loosen up the shell, compensate for moisture loss during shipping, and boost germination rate.

Soaking a small batch on June 20

For Adenium Tiny Ding Dong, we soak the seeds in water for 2 days. It was an accidental find actually (we were lazy to take the seeds out). The results were surprising.

Soak seeds in water to improve germination rate

Sometimes when you soak the seeds, you may see some floating on the water surface while others sink to the bottom of the containers.


We think this is because when some amount of water seeps in, the seeds get heavier. To a point when they are heavy enough, they will sink down. This may be a sign that the little seeds have drunk enough water and are ready to be planted.

2. Place seeds horizontally on medium

You don't want the plants to sprout up upside down. The safest placement is horizontal. The little seeds will know their way out & adjust accordingly.

If you look closely, you'll see a small thin line on the seed. This is like the door where the plant will sprout out. Sometimes, even if you place seeds horizontally, they may sprout roots-up. So have a quick look at the line & place that side down facing the soil.

Even if you plant the seeds upside down, the smart plants will know & re-orient themselves around. It just takes longer though.

Place the desert rose seeds horizontal with the medium

3. Put a thin layer of growing medium over

Place a 1/4 inch or 0.5 cm layer of sand, coco fiber or charcoal over the seeds. This helps them not be buried too deep & can start seeking for warm sunlight to sprout out.

4. Keep your plants moist for the first week

During the infancy stage, adenium seeds need a lot of moisture to get themselves up. Be sure to keep your pots moist with moisture-retaining materials like perlite, a cling wrap, tissue paper or sand. Be creative in your own way but remember don't overwater.

If you want a printable, step-by-step guide, here's a good one:

Start Desert Rose From Seeds
Start Desert Rose From Seeds: Inspired by Maria from Maria’s Garden, I made a miniature version of her bathtub method for starting desert rose from seeds. It’s really easy to do with only a few supplies. If you’d love to experiment this, let’s check it out with us.

Seeds getting ready to say "Hello world"

Growing your own adenium babies can be super fun & easy. If you're a beginner, the goal is 1 seed. Getting just 1 seed to germinate means you're successful. Then, we move on to bigger & bigger amounts.

Stay away from the troubled paths & you will be set to great success with your desert rose seeds. Thanks for visiting & see you again next time! Let us know if you have any questions or if there's anything unclear.

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This seed starting guide below is written in Thai. If someone understands the language, please help us with some translation:

We can't wait to see how the baby adenium turns out to be. Good luck.

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