Kumquat trees can be easily grown in pots. The key thing you should keep an eye on though is water drainage. Helping the water flow out easily helps prevent root rot & support more bountiful crops.

How to Choose A Pot for Kumquat Trees

When you just get your kumquat tree, either from the nursery or online, you can take the tree out of the nursery pot & re-pot it.

It's good to choose a pot that is several inches larger than the size of the root ball. This is to provide space for the root to expand out when it grows larger.

It's better to get a pot that has a wide mouth. Sort of like those wide mouth mason jars. A narrow neck makes it difficult for you to get the plant out during re-pottings.

Also, make sure the container has drainage holes underneath. Some planters like urn planters may not come with pre-drilled holes so you may need to do some extra work.

Plastic is okay because it's lightweight & works well. Folks can move their plants around without too much hassle. Clay pots provide good aeration for your kumquat trees.

If you're growing kumquats in terracotta pots, make sure to drench the soil well to flush out salt build-up over time. As clay usually sticks on to the little ions or nutrients more. The salt build-up inside can happen especially if you're using fertilizer.

Potting Mix for Kumquat Trees

A good potting mix for kumquat trees should provide good water drainage. These are some good potting mix for kumquat trees:

  • EBStone Citrus & Palm Organic Potting Mix
  • Kellogg Palm, Cactus & Citrus All Purpose Mix

During the pre-flowering/pre-fruiting period, you may need to feed your babies a bit more than usual. A kumquat fertilizer may also help.

  • Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food
  • Osmocote Slow-Release Plant Food
  • Espoma Citrus Tone (most expensive)

To improve the water outflow, you can try placing some rocks or netting at the bottom of your container.

A Happy Home for A Happy Kumquat

Woohoo! And just like that you have built a nice, happy home for your kumquat tree. Growing kumquat trees is fun & very rewarding. You'll love the smell of the white kumquat flowers just as much as those delicious fruits. Good luck & have fun growing your own plant!

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