The best answer may be you can, as always, place the Buddha statue in your mind, heart, and soul. With that in mind, however you place your statue then will further compliment your appreciation and commitment to bettering yourself and the lives of other beings.

If you're wondering, there are many different ways people place a Buddha statue at home or in their backyards. The only thing we should keep in mind is to keep our respect to the statue. By respecting the Buddha statue like how we treasure the photo of our parents or our kids, we are treasuring a part of ourselves.

For small statues, here are some placement ideas:

#1. Small Buddha Figurines

Buddha statue in serene garden

Small Buddha figurines from 2 inches (5 cm) to around 12 inches (30 cm) are very easy to find a suitable spot. Many people keep these figures on their desk, where they study or work. To decorate the space and lift up the energy further, we can also place some decorative plants or crystals around the figurines.

Other people put one small statue in their car. This is just a friendly reminder that safety is the number one priority and lives are valuable.

You can also place these figurines in your bedroom. Let your intuition guide you on the place that you feel has the most suitable energy for you and your relaxation.

If you have a meditation room at home, you can put these figures on the altar as well. Some mini monk figurines look absolutely adorable when set around ceramic tea sets or bookshelves.

Other times, people build DIY racks with some vines or plants and place the statues on the rack. On the rack, you can light some fragrant candles with a small water fountain to make the whole space even more relaxing and serene.

But what if you have larger statues, let's check those out right now:

#2. Medium to Large Buddha Statues

Stone Laughing Buddha statue under a tree

For medium to large Buddha statues around 21 inches (53 cm) or taller, it may be a good idea to find a dedicated place for them. An indoor meditation room is a suitable place. You can also place the statue in your shrine room.

A choice that many folks like when keeping medium or large statues is their outdoor front and backyards or patio. If you put the statue in your outdoor yard, make sure to have a nice, clean area around it. Or even better place a pedestal underneath to further avoid unwanted contact with stuff that could potentially damage the statue.

People are very careful when it comes to white Buddha statues. Many place the statue under a tree so the shade can help protect the paint from fading too quickly overtime.

Around the statue, we can also put some flowers, plants, or fruits to make it more aesthetically beautiful and give the area a bit more energy and life to it. In some houses, people have a backyard pool. They place the statue near the pool as well.

Next, let's check out some no-nos when placing Buddha statues:

What We Generally Shouldn’t Do When Placing a Buddha Statue


Although there are many ways to place a Buddha statue in your home or outdoors, there are generally some ideas that we should keep in mind.

People usually don’t reduce the importance of a statue to simply a toy. Doing so may show that the owner may not understand or value the Buddha’s teachings or respect themselves enough to appreciate others and their beliefs.

No Buddhists or interested non-Buddhists ever place a Buddha statue in their restrooms or a dusty corner of a room that is left untouched.

Should I Care About the Direction of the Placement?

Is there really a right or wrong way to place a Buddha statue?

Generally, many would advise you to set the statue facing to the direction that has a good amount of sunlight or specifically Southeast, where the sun rises. Among all this advice, you know truly in your heart the best direction to put your statue.

When you are tired, you glance over and see your nice little statue on the desk. You are reminded of the beautiful things in this world and how vast this universe is. You take a deep breath and your soul begins to feel more relaxed and at ease.

After a long day at work, you come back home, take a shower, and go into your meditation room. Entering, you see a nice, calm, gentle Buddha statue looking at you. It makes you smile.

Maybe you are facing some challenges on your journey. It is a good time to sit down, wind down, and take even just one minute to calm your mind.

It is on the weekends. You are doing some fun weekend projects with the kids. They are playing, laughing in the backyard, where a nice, tall Buddha statue stands underneath a beautiful tree that you planted.

Seeing that makes your soul happy and peaceful. You are, once again, reminded of the meaningful lessons and the Why or For Who that you are living on this Earth.

It warms my heart

Opening the palm of your hand, you see a warm Buddha inside it. Placing the hand on your beating heart, the Buddha lives inside you.

So, instead of spending too much time thinking about the direction of the statue placement, why don’t we think about integrating the Buddha statue into your everyday lifestyle?

This way, you can be reminded of the inner values, the good bits every single day or multiple times during your journey. This can be as simple as the place where you will be going in and out most frequently.

For many people, that is their front door or patio. For others, it is their cars. And for some, it is their peaceful and fun backyards.

You understand that when you see something too much too often, you may tend to get tired or bored with it. Practicing Buddhism and loving kindness in your everyday lives does not have to be boring.

If you can’t do 30 minutes of meditation a day, 1 minute is fine. Find some moments in your busy lives to pause and breath deeply.

Placing a Buddha statue at home or in your garden is only more meaningful if you, the owner, actually puts your heart and soul into it and puts what you learn into practice through your tiny acts of kindness every single day.

A Buddha statue that has gathered too much dust or doesn’t feel like there is life to it may mean that the owner is absent. It feels like there is no life energy around it.

No matter how good the direction you place it in, if you are not there, the energy and meaning will not manifest itself.

The Best Place to Place Your Statue


You know that the best way to place a Buddha statue is where it will help you when you’re feeling down or out of balanced.

It can be on the desk where people work or the bookshelf where they put their prize books. It can be the car that people drive every day, or the patio that they pass by every morning.

If you have the space, putting the statue inside a meditation room or shrine room can give you a relaxing sanctuary to calm your mind down during stormy weather.

If you have a nice yard at home, you can place a statue there as well, with some of the tips that we've shared thus far.

Integrating the statue into your own lifestyle this way can help you be reminded of the valuable insights more often and not lose contact of what motivates you in the first place and keeps you going up until this point in time.

Responses to Readers' Questions

Darf ich einem Buddha ein Dach machen?

--> Dear reader, thanks for your question. Yes, it is possible I believe.

Readers should note that a Buddha statue should never be placed directly on the ground. Always place the statue on an altar, pedestal, a platform made out of bricks or cinder blocks, or something similar.

--> Thank you for sharing the knowledge, with blessings.

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