Jizo Bodhisattva Statue

Cute Jizo with Red Bib
Height: 5 inches
Base (from front to back): 1 1/2 inch
Material: Cold cast resin
Bib: Molded & hand-painted

With a relaxed eyes-closed facial expression, this super cute Ojizo-sama makes people smile every time their eyes fall on him.

His red bib, like the bib of ancient Japanese children, is molded onto the statue and then hand-painted with red.

This dude is tiny. He fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Holding him gives a solid, sturdy feel. There's some weight to it as well.

He can be placed indoors or outdoors, be it your desk, bookshelf or little garden. If you accidentally drop him from your desk a few times, that's okay. He'll still be in one piece comforting and protecting our souls.

Jizo Family Statue

3-inch 14-inch
jizo-family-statue jizo-family-praying-statue
Height: 3 inches 14 inches
Material: Cold cast resin Polyresin
Hand-painted Good under sun & snow

A set of 3 Jizo reminds moms of their families. Her three little sons. Or maybe it's her, dad, and the child.

The whole family brings positive energy to your zen work or home area. The 3-inch piece can sit comfortably on the mantle indoors.

The taller 14-inch version can enjoy the sun and snow outside nestled with some rocks or plants.

They remind folks of the good times in Japan. They bring a sense of closure and honor to the little life that never was. Some keep the Jizo near them days & nights. It's soothing to the soul.

Cast Stone Jizo Statuettes

Gray / Cream
gray-jizo-statue cream-jizo-statue
Height: 5 inches
Material: Cast stone
Not hollow

Cast stone Jizo statues are suitable for outdoors. The statue is not hollow and has a good weight to it.

There's a unique cream finish that adds a clean, elegant touch to it. This is a perfect gift to be placed near a memorial planter or a mini bonsai tree.

People just love them. You might get compliments from visitors when they see this little guy. Some folks use them as part of their Japanese-themed baths. It cleanses past pains & helps bring calmness to the present moment. Breathe.

A message to the young souls:

Mommy, where did older brother go?

Dear child. Older brother was about to manifest but the conditions were not there, so he hid away. He did not go anywhere. He is still here, maybe in another form. Maybe he is you. A part of you. And me.

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