Most people prune the dragon fruits after they have set fruits. This is usually the fall season. Depending on where you are located, this can be November or May.

Before flowering, if you notice some small shoots on the plants, prune them off. At this stage, we want to focus the energy on nourishing the mama flower & the baby fruit. So the little suckers (small branches that suck away nutrients) may need to go for now.

In spring, small light green branches will shoot out a lot. If your trees are young, then let them shoot out. If there are quite a lot for one main stem to carry, prune off some smaller branches.

Leaving 1-2 branches for one main branch is good, but 5 or 6 of them may be a little too much. Some growers get little fruit yields when leaving too many branches for one mama to carry.

Here are some numbers of branches one dragon fruit plant has on average over the years:

Age (years) Number of branches per plant
1 30
2 70
3 100
4 130
5-6 150-170

When pruning, choose lighter green branches & leave the darker green branches. The darker ones are usually the older ones with the maturity level to bear fruits. If it's the first year of your dragon fruit, cut the top off. This can induce more branches shooting out from that one stem.

Also, consider tipping the tree. Tipping is like cutting off the pointy end of the branch. This makes the plants a little bit "angry". For survival & reproduction, it may produce more fruits as a response.

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