The Dragon's Fireball

Thousands of years ago, legend had a story of the dragon and the fire. In the Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of a strong and powerful animal.

It 'puffs' out fireballs after fireballs. The Emperor, having tasted all the good things in the world, leaves the people wondering: What gift should we send him this time?

At that time, there is a dragon living near by. When that dragon is about to die it puffs out its greatest powerful ball of fire. Right at that moment, the people living there capture it.

This fireball is then represented as the dragon fruit, aka The Dragon's Great Ball of Fire. They give this gift to the Emperor with the hope that he will be strong, powerful, and live long just like the mighty dragon.

Going Back to the Modern Age:

In our modern age, many people are now growing dragon fruits in their backyards.

Not only because they taste better but because home-grown ones pack a ton of vitamins, fibers that are great for the digestive system, the skin and blood.

In California though, people also grow it because these dragons don't suck up a lot of water like the avocado trees.

On the easy-to-grow scale, dragon fruit is a one (easiest) for growing at home or in containers. You'll feel the difference when you taste home-grown ones from store-bought ones.

And this is the promise of the dragon fruit.

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