Growing & harvesting dragon fruits in saline water and even salty soil has been experimented and implemented successfully in places around the world.

This is one farmer (Mr. Phuong) who has switched from farming brine shrimp into growing dragon fruits on his land:

Dragon fruit posts in water

Ever tried harvesting dragon fruits on a kayak?


We're getting there:

Super cool harvest

The water condition around here is super salty. It's around 50‰ or 50 parts of salt per 1000 parts of seawater. As the shrimp population decreased due to water contamination (with toxic gases like H2S, NO2), Phuong was forced to find some other ways to make a living.

With a stroke of luck

He experimented with different dragon fruit varieties from Binh Thuan (central Vietnam) & Tien Giang (south Vietnam). But they could not withstand the harsh condition there. And with a stroke of good luck by Lady Serendipity, he found the local variety (Camau dragon fruit). It has worked wonders on his land.

What are the dragon fruit posts made of?

The dragon fruit posts that we have seen earlier are actually mangrove trees (Avicennia marina). These are highly adapted to saline environments & can provide the nutrients for the dragon fruit vines. As the cactus grow, they develop air roots that latch on to the mangrove. Even with the tides falling & rising and the roots being completely soaked in water, the dragon fruits will still survive.

How is the taste of the fruits?

Surprisingly, dragon fruits grown in salty environments are pleasantly sweet. There is no chemical fertilizer or boosters because there's practically no place to apply them. If we pour the fertilizer in, it will get carried away before the plants have time to take them up.

Growing dragon fruits this way, you get fresh, nature-grown sweet treats. If you're looking to grow dragon fruits in saline water, you can totally do it! And the retail price is triple that of dragon fruits grown in normal conditions, with some or a large amount of fertilizer added in.

Let's come check out other way to grow dragon fruits, even in the most harsh environments:

The incredible results of growing dragon fruits in salty soil


Dragon fruits grown in salty soil give a unique blend of sweet & saltiness. When a pioneer (Mr. Ra) played around with this idea of planting dragon fruits in his local area, fellow farmers were laughing & questioning his decision. Now, they are all following this design to make 10x income for their families.

The place is in sea-bordered saline Tien Giang, which used to be a mass producer of wheat & rice. As production became stagnant due to the high levels of salt in the soil, the locals needed to switch to some other ways of farming to make their living.

And they went with the dragon fruits, which seemed like an insane choice at the time for this area. When growing dragon fruit this way, the growers usually raise the dragon fruit posts high up & build good ditches for the seawater to escape out.

Growing red dragon fruits in salty soil

They utilize the organic materials available locally as fertilizers:

  • Straw or hay
  • Goat's droppings
  • Cow manure

Dried dragon fruit flowers & dragon fruit skin are also a great source for soil enrichment. The results are nothing short of amazing. People's hard work have paid off and even in the very first year of their planting. The plants grow big, strong & disease-free. Nothing is more satisfying for the farmers on their returns. And for the consumers to taste truly good dragon fruits.

Let's go dragons!

So if you're wondering whether it is okay for dragon fruits to survive in saline water, the responding chord from nature has struck back to our quest with a big powerful Yes. Dragon fruits are warriors on land & in seawater. This is truly remarkable and with no more doubt let's go dragons.

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