As winter approaches, many growers bring their dragon fruit plants indoors. If the temperatures get below 32-55F (0 - 12.8C), it will damage the plants. Some folks hook lines of light bulbs to keep the dragon fruit plants warm.

Temperatures below 100F (37.8C) would be best & would not burn your plants. They will thrive at around 65-85F (18-29C). Seedlings can handle the lowest temp of 40F (4C).

During this time, if you use the light bulbs, water lightly only when the soil is dry. Otherwise, just leave the plants there & avoid overwatering.

Keep dragon fruit plants warm

T5 grow lights can work great for this purpose. It is efficient and cost-saving:

Efficient T5 Grow lights
3"H x 26"W x 46"L
6400K T5 Tubes
From $12-25/month electricity

You could build some sort of shelter for the plants and hook the lights on for them to grow:

Covering dragon fruit plants for winter | Source

The top part is made with some screen fabric with straps to hold the wall boards down.

This grow light bulb with balanced spectrum is also good:

Balanced spectrum grow light bulb
9W Full spectrum
Natural light
Low heat - doesn't burn plants

Planting the vines against a wall can help cope with the cold winter breeze & cold temperatures. With some good air roots, the plants can survive even if their ground roots are frozen or damaged by the cold.


Likewise, if you have them in containers, place the containers near the wall inside the house. So, the heat trapped by the wall can be reflected & keep your trees warmer.

You could consider choosing the species that are quite heat & cold tolerant for the best chances of survival. Some good ones are:

  • Tricia
  • Vietnam White
  • Taiwan varieties

The American Beauty variety is quite sensitive to heat & cold though. If you like this variety, try grafting them on a strong rootstock that can withstand the changes in temperatures. They will nourish your plants well while keeping them safe from pests, diseases or shocks, and chlorosis. The results are very promising.

>> Link to video:

Dragonfruit grafting is it worth it

Here is a how-to grafting dragon fruit guide, you can check it out later and might find it useful:

Keeping the Dragon Fruits Warm

So those are a few of the very simple tips to keep your dragon fruits warm & happy during the winter. Remember that temperatures below 32F (0C) will kill them & those below 40F (4C) might damage the seedlings. So, keep it around 65-85F (18-29C) indoors for the best wintry development.

Keep in mind though, that some dragon fruit vines may grow out very long, leggy and thin during this time. Many growers have experienced this & it is normal. This just means your plants are lacking some sunlight. When the winter is over, acclimate them slowly to the sun. They will then grow plump & strong again.

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