Here are some basic recipes for feeding pigs at different stages with BSF larvae.

Baby Pigs

  • 3 kg soybean waste
  • 3 kg cornmeal / maize bran
  • 3 kg rice flour
  • 1kg rice bran
  • 8kg bsf larvae

Pigs 9-20 kg

  • 2kg soybean waste
  • 4kg cornmeal
  • 1kg rice flour
  • 3kg rice bran
  • 6kg bsf larvae

Pigs 20-50kg

  • 2kg soybean
  • 5kg cornmeal
  • 3kg rice bran
  • 5kg bsf larvae

Bigger Pigs

  • 6kg cornmeal
  • 4kg rice bran
  • 4kg bsf larvae

More details will be added soon.

Responses to Readers' Questions

What of feeding broilers, layers with bsf.

--> Thanks for your question. For feeding broilers and layers, you can see here How to feed chickens with bsf:

plz give some info about how to feed bsf to chicken

--> Thanks for your question. In short, you can check out the post here on 'How to feed chicken with bsf larvae':

In summary, you can feed small larvae (5-7 days old) to small chicks and bigger larvae for bigger chicks. For chicks from 1 to 21 days old, farmers often combine:

  • 1/3 BSF larvae
  • 1/3 greens
  • 1/3 seeds or grains

We don't feed chickens with 100% bsf diet, because it causes protein overload and diarrhea for the chicks.

I hope this helps & See you again next time!

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