A BSF raiser asked us a little while ago, is it okay to stack pupae on top of each other with a lot of thickness? They were afraid that the lower pupae underneath may not be able to climb up and emerge into flies.

A way you can do it is as follows so the pupae can find their way up and emerge into flies.

In one 60 x 40 x 12 cm container, place 6400 to 12800 prepupae. You can take a small count (like 200) and average the weight for the rest. With this amount, they will be able to climb up and emerge into flies.

You can do it like this:

In 16 pupation containers, place 500 in each box every day. Do the same for the next 5 days: place 500 in each box. When the first generation of flies emerge (16 boxes x 500 pupae each = 8000 flies), they can fly into a love cage (70 x 70 x 140cm, width x length x height), this will be a good population for their fly emergence and reproduction.

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