What are black soldier flies used for

Black Soldier Fly 23 May 2020

Black soldier flies (or BSF) can be used to treat bio-waste. Their larvae are incredibly efficient at converting waste into a good source of proteins & fats. About 1 kilo of larvae can consume & transform 10 kilos of garbage waste or organic matter. This is the only stage that the BSF eat voraciously.

When the flies mature, they don't eat at all because they don't have a mouth-part. Adult soldier flies only drink, which is why they don't cross-contaminate or spread diseases like some other species. Many crowded cities are using BSF larvae to treat organic waste problems effectively.

Five-days-old BSF larvae are also a fantastic treat for chickens. Some people call them a million-pet feed. Fish, shrimp, birds, quail, insects love these larvae. They are rich in proteins & fats.

Some growers have noticed that aquaponic fish fed with some additional larvae get to the size & weight of 1 kilo in about 4 months. The usually process to get a kilo of fish is 6 months. Similarly, chicken farmers have got good results with this feed. The birds are strong with firm muscles & meat. The color of the yolk is deep orange. The best thing of all is that they can save a lot of money on pet feed. Because a BSF colony, once started, can roll on & on to give you good low-cost feed for a long time.

Black soldier flies also have a high economic value. In some countries, 1 kilo of BSF eggs can cost about $1,000–about $500/lb. To start a colony, you only need about 10 grams. The worms or larvae can be sold for a good amount. A box of some thousand worms is about $30 something depending on the quality & size. The dead skins or bodies of BSF are also utilized to make nutritional fertilizer. This little creature has opened the doors for many people to build a good income source.

For families, you can try BSF for composting. You can get the juice as compost tea to water plants. The little amount of larvae poop can be harvested & used in the garden. It really helps if everyone is doing a little on their part in this whole eco-system.

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